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I’m Admitted: Now What? The Next Steps in the Process Hangout
Host: Julianna Pratt
Panelists: Mary Reilly, Anthony Rivers, Bernie Smigel

Champlain’s Academic Divisions Hangout
Host: Paige Schmittlein
Panelists: Allie Hanson, Emily Rice, Jon Trusheim, Mary Reilly, Meghan Driscoll, Michelle Garvey, Duncan Persons, Dominique Cornacchia

Women Empowered: Student Leaders in Champlain’s Campus Communities Hangout
Host: Mary Reilly
Panelists: Rachel Hatem, Laura Reilly, Tara Alexander

Admitted Student Day Q&A – What to Expect
Host: Lisa Ashley
Panelists: Emma Katz, Duncan Persons, Dylan Francis

Student Life and Campus Traditions
Host: Rachel Hatem
Panelists: Damien Paquin-Nault, Nyjah Strange, Jared Knepper, Laura Reilly, Christine Tibert

Study Abroad
Host: Julianna Pratt
Panelists: Zachary Saxe, Mariana Franzetti, Kirby McThompson, Katelyn Michell

Host: Lisa Ashley
Panelists: Chloe Elliott, Dan Salerno, Caitlin Mundy, Katie Weed

Women in Technology
Host: Mary Reilly
Panelists: Laura Reilly, Emily Shelton, Zynab Makki

Student Life
Host: Rachel Hatem
Panelists: Callie Browning, Mariana Franzetti, Taylor Bibaud, Kirby McThompson, Damien Paquin-Nault