Google Hangouts Archive

I’m Admitted: Now What? The Next Steps in the Process Hangout
Host: Julianna Pratt
Panelists: Mary Reilly, Anthony Rivers, Bernie Smigel
1:28-2:42 Introductions
2:43-7:40 How to decide if Champlain is the right fit
7:43-11:10 How to enroll, how to deposit
11:11-22:56 Housing selection
23:00-28:19 Summer Launch programs
28:20-42:42 Orientation
42:45-end One thing you wish you did/didn’t bring to Champlain and what you wish you knew before coming here


Champlain’s Academic Divisions Hangout
Host: Paige Schmittlein
Panelists: Allie Hanson, Emily Rice, Jon Trusheim, Mary Reilly, Meghan Driscoll, Michelle Garvey, Duncan Persons, Dominique Cornacchia
1:12-9:50 Stiller School of Business (classes, internships, professors, capstone)
9:54-16:40 Information Technology and Sciences (classes, internships, professors, capstone)
16:44-24:09 Communication and Creative Media (classes, internships, professors, career services)
24:12-36:12 Education and Human Studies (classes, internships, professors, minors)
36:13-39:41 Undeclared (What do you do if you’re not sure what you want to major in?)
39:48-end Core (Favorite classes, how does it connect to your major)


Women Empowered: Student Leaders in Champlain’s Campus Communities Hangout
Host: Mary Reilly
Panelists: Rachel Hatem, Laura Reilly, Tara Alexander
1:15-3:20 Introductions
3:45-7:30 Rachel talks about: Orientation Leader, CHAMP, SGA
9:45-16:56 Tara talks about: ODI, CARE, Shades of Me, Peer Advisors
16:56-22:13 Laura talks about: women in game programming
22:18-29:40 Rachel talks about: women in business, orientation
29:44-33:46 What does it mean to be empowered?
33:52-41:40 What were your experiences with leadership before you attended Champlain?
41:45-47:30 What advice do you have for people entering college who want to be empowered?


Admitted Student Day Q&A – What to Expect
Host: Lisa Ashley
Panelists: Emma Katz, Duncan Persons, Dylan Francis
3:10-5:30 Admitted Student Day logistics and schedule
5:30-9:10 Students share their ASD stories
9:35-17:44 Places to stay/eat/go in Burlington
17:45-21:45 Meeting professors/current students at the event
21:31-51:37 Viewer questions (Why should I go to ASD if I’ve been to Champlain before, least favorite thing about Champlain, will I be able to tour specific res halls, roommates, schedule, most important takeaways from ASD, what is the gym like, volunteer opportunities, attire for the event)
51:40-56:26 One thing you wish you knew prior to move-in day


Student Life and Campus Traditions
Host: Rachel Hatem
Panelists: Damien Paquin-Nault, Nyjah Strange, Jared Knepper, Laura Reilly, Christine Tibert
2:00-4:09 Introductions (What are you involved in on campus?)
4:15-8:20 What is CHAMP and our annual events on campus
8:20-9:55 What are SAPs and weekly events on campus
10:00-15:20 What are DAPs and diversity programming on campus
15:25-16:35 Admissions events
16:40-21:30 Favorite events on campus
21:45-29:18 Dining hall (favorite foods, dining hall “hacks”)
29:20-34:40 Best study spots on campus
34:45-40:50 Favorite things to do in Burlington (shops, restaurants, etc.)


Study Abroad
Host: Julianna Pratt
Panelists: Zachary Saxe, Mariana Franzetti, Kirby McThompson, Katelyn Michell
2:40-9:50 How do you decide where to go? What are your options?
9:56-15 Concerns about studying abroad (homesickness, different language, financial aid)
15-21:27 Academics abroad
21:30-32:45 Social life/traveling abroad
32:50-end Impact of studying abroad & advice


Host: Lisa Ashley
Panelists: Chloe Elliott, Dan Salerno, Caitlin Mundy, Katie Weed
2:45-8:25 Individual internship experiences
8:45-13:30 Paid vs Unpaid internships
13:45-21 What to expect (settings, time commitments)
21:20-24:30 Placements abroad
24:30-32 Internships as a learning experience
32:10-end Internship Advice/Career Services


Women in Technology
Host: Mary Reilly
Panelists: Laura Reilly, Emily Shelton, Zynab Makki
4:15-9:35 Explanation of ITS majors
9:40-16:05 Interested in their program/ why Champlain
16:15-24:37 Careers/ Future Goals
20:17-22:10 Study Abroad Montreal
24:50-end Females in the Technology Fields


Student Life
Host: Rachel Hatem
Panelists: Callie Browning, Mariana Franzetti, Taylor Bibaud, Kirby McThompson, Damien Paquin-Nault
1:50-4:10 On campus events
4:36-10:25 Clubs (Ski and Ride and E-Sports)
10:25-13 SGA (Student Government Association)
13-13:55 Admissions events
13:55-18:25 Burlington events
18:30-end Favorite Champlain College event