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5 Things to Look Forward to During Your First Year at Champlain

By Sarah Steward // Communication Major ’17 College is one of the biggest adventures you will ever go on. It’s the time where many students leave home for the first time, gain the skills they need to launch and succeed in their careers, and truly grow as a person. You’ll make friends for life, and […]

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Best Bites of Burlington

As summer approaches—and with it, food-truck hot spots increasingly popping up around town—it only seems right to give you the lowdown on where to eat when you’re visiting (and living in) Burlington. Not only is this city known for being one of the Best College Towns in America, it’s also known for its vibrant and […]

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Why Champlain?

When you find the college that feels like it was made just for you, you’ll know it! There are a variety of reasons why students chose Champlain as their dream school. Ask anyone on campus what brought them here, and each response will be different—that’s part of what makes our community so special. Here’s a […]

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Champlain College Clubs and Activities – Part 2

Champlain College may be small, but it never runs out of things to offer its students! Currently, Champlain has over 60 clubs and activities on its campus. Recently, we highlighted a few of Champlain’s  clubs and activities (see here) and realized, why stop at just one blog post? Here are some more unique clubs and […]

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Inside Champlain’s Residence Halls

Housing at Champlain College is unlike anywhere else. In fact, one of the most distinct features of Champlain is our 19 Victorian-Era mansion residence halls. Did we say mansion? You heard that right! Champlain’s student housing includes real historic mansions, equipped with ultra-fast wireless connectivity and a whole lot of charm! All first-year students have the […]

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Housing Process

When can I choose my residence hall? We’re not quite ready for housing selection just yet, but you’ll receive an email  when we are starting the process. When the process starts, you’ll be able to pick your top choices for first-year residence halls and make any roommate groupings. In the meantime, you can visit […]

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Students (unafraid) on the front lawn of Jensen Hall.

Myth Busting: Champlain College

By The Champlain College Admissions Interns // Class of 2017 As Admissions Interns, we’ve heard some pretty interesting myths about Champlain College over the years—I (Sarah) once overheard a student in the dining hall say they thought that one of our Victorian-era mansion residence halls, Jensen, is haunted! Fact or fiction? We decided it’s about […]

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Champlain college Spirit Week

Spirit Week 2016: Camp Champ

By Jared Knepper // Management & Innovation ’19

Each year, a student-run group known as CHAMP (Champlain Has Activities & Motivational Programming) prepares a special week long event on the Champlain campus known as Spirit Week. Spirit Week always serves as the kick off event for the year, and this year’s camp theme did not disappoint! The event was so much fun in fact, that students are still reminiscing about it months later! Continue reading

Three Things You Might Not Think to Bring to College, but You’ll be Glad You Did

By Thomas Rose // Professional Writing ’17 Whether you live down the street or half way across the world, moving to college is a major transition, and you’ve probably been thinking a lot about what to bring along to make Champlain feel like home. Maybe you’ve made a list, or even started packing, but here […]

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The Merry Band of Traveling Ambassadors

The Merry Band of Traveling Ambassadors Oh the Place’s You’ll Go on Spring Break How did you spend your Spring Break? Our Student Ambassadors wanted to share cool stuff they did. Leave a comment and tell us about your Spring Break experiences. We’d love to hear from you! Everett Ackerman, ‘16 // Marketing I’m Everett, […]

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