Campus Life

Below is a collection of all of our blog posts that will give you a good sense of what life on Champlain’s campus is like.

The Merry Band of Traveling Ambassadors: What Champlain students do over spring break
Champlain’s Women Empowerment Initiative & Symposium: All about WEI and what our campus is doing to spread the word about women’s rights and equality
Spreading the Champlain Love
: A Valentine’s Day post about what we love about our school.
Champlain’s Campus Throughout the Years
: A look back at how Champlain’s campus has evolved over the years.
The Wonderful World of Chauncey: A recap of our 2015 Spirit Week.
DIY Res Hall Hacks: A list of ways to spice up your residence hall once you’re on campus.
Looking Back: My First Year at Champlain: Jade Ye tells us what her first year at Champlain College was like.
A Day in the Life of the SGA President: Dylan Cullen discusses what it’s like to be the President of our Student Government Association.
March Isn’t Just About St. Patrick: An example of all of the events happening on campus and in Burlington during March 2015.
Slainte!: A Semester in Ireland: Emily Rice talks about her experience studying abroad at Champlain’s campus in Dublin, Ireland.
Top 8 Study Spots on Campus: Student Ambassador Josh Miller takes us through some of the best places to study on campus.
14 Months in Asia: Julian Lopez takes us through what the beginning of his 14 months of studying abroad in Asia has been like
Explore Unique Learning Opportunities: All about Champlain’s seven Centers of Excellence
Not Your Everyday Business Program: Rachel talks about her experience in the Stiller School of Business and what makes it so unique
Champlain’s Campus Traditions: A year of campus traditions at Champlain College