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A How-To Guide for College Recommendation Letters

By Nicole Lentine ‘07, Associate Director of Admission Required by some but recommended by almost all institutions, letters of recommendation are an often underutilized but vitally important piece of your college application. These letters can often tell the stories that your essay and other materials can’t. So, how do you go about getting a recommendation […]

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10 Secrets to College Success From a First-Generation College Student

As Told By Elle Woods and Stephanie Doan, ’18 // Psychology College can be difficult transition for anyone, but for first-generation college students, the change can feel a little more daunting. I understand. As the oldest in my family, I was the first to attend a postsecondary institution, since neither of my parents attended college. […]

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How I Kept Up My Love of Dance While Studying Abroad

By Quinn Kanner, ‘19 // Professional Writing I couldn’t give up dancing during my semester abroad in Argentina; so of course, I also wanted to continue taking dance classes during while I studied abroad in Ireland. In Buenos Aires, I studied styles of dance that I was already familiar with because taking the classes in […]

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