Monthly Archives: December 2017

And the Envelope…Please! Application Review Update

As we have wrapped up the Fall Semester on campus, things have gotten pretty quiet. All the students have headed out for the winter break. Faculty are also packing up to get a well-deserved rest before Spring term begins. Even Chauncey has decided to call it a day, after putting in some work spreading some […]

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Three Reasons Burlington, Vermont, Is the Place to Go to School

By Lamonte Gambrell, Senior Admissions Intern When students are looking for their dream school, they’re often encouraged to gauge institutions on their academic programs, career placement rate, and sports. All of which are important, but I believe one of the MOST important factors is where your school is located. I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and when […]

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What Can I Eat While I’m Abroad?

by Quinn Kanner, ’19, Professional Writing major One of my biggest fears about studying abroad was if I was going to be able to find food that I could eat, especially in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I am currently studying. You see, I’m a lactose intolerant vegetarian who is studying abroad in a country that’s […]

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