What’s Changed: First Year to Senior Year

By Bessie McManus and Bianca Roa, Senior Admissions Interns

It’s been just over three years after we moved on campus for our freshman year, and there have been so many amazing changes for Champlain College. In a fun trip down memory lane, we gathered a list of some of the coolest things that have changed or are new to campus to share with you.

What’s New at Champlain College:

The Center for Communication & Creative Media houses everything from our sound stage to our art gallery.

  1. During our freshman year the Center for Communication & Creative Media was a huge construction zone. Now, it is one of the most prominent buildings on campus, a hub of student activity and includes new dining options, like the Grille, which serves up fresh local bites all day and Zime which offers café goodies when you need that extra boost in the morning. 
  2. We added two new residence halls: 271 College Street, 158 South Willard, and there is one more large residence hall being built right downtown on St. Paul Street that is within walking distance to campus!
  3. Some major renovations also took place on campus. The IDX Dining Hall got a new look and now includes the My Zone Allergen Station to accommodate for our gluten and dairy free friends as well as folks with nut allergies. Also, Joyce Hall—one of our oldest academic buildings—saw some love this summer. Upgrades to the building include white board walls and snazzy digital signage!
  4. CORE classes expanded to offer study-abroad components, including everything from a Harry Potter course that travels through the UK and a Secular & Sacred course that travels to Zanzibar in the Spring.
  5. Speaking of studying abroad, now our options include Scotland as an option for places you can take classes toward your degree while expanding your global perspective.
  6. Champlain introduced Champ Guides: a new mentorship program that pairs upperclassmen with first-year students to help them as they transition to college life.
  7. Our Legal Studies (BS) major evolved into a Law (BA) and our Management of Creative Media major also shifted focus to become Game Production Management. Plus, the Data Analytics major is new this fall! There are few majors like these in the country—yet another example of how Champlain’s academics rise up to meet marketplace demands. 

    Students in our Game Studio include Game Design, Game Art & Animation, Game Programming, and Game Production Management majors, who work together to create build games from start to finish.

  8. Our Life Experience & Action Dimension (LEAD) program has become the Career Flagship Program, and Peer Advisors, who assisted students as part of LEAD, changed roles to be Peer Coaches. They are available to help you with your professional development and career readiness throughout your four years.
  9. Our current college President, Don Laackman, joined Champlain in 2014, meaning his innovative work at the College has impacted our senior class since day one. Has it really already been almost four years?
  10. Last but not least: The new Women’s & Gender Center in Skiff Hall is a welcome addition to campus! On top of providing a safe space for all identities, the Center offers a number of programs and partnerships on campus, such as the Women’s Empowerment Initiative, See, Say, Do, and INCLUDE.


Champlain College may have a lot of new updates on campus, but we also have a rich history that’s also present in our buildings and community. You can read a little about about here. And now, it’s your turn to visit campus and see all of these things for yourself!