3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your College Open House

By Senior Admissions Interns

Our Fall Open Houses are coming up on Saturday, October 14th and Saturday, October 28th! Will we be seeing you there? If you haven’t registered, make sure to sign up for an amazing day of events and info sessions here.

The schedule is jam-packed, and there is a lot to digest. So we gathered some advice from current students to help you get the most out of the time you spend with us!


  1. Want to make an impression? Talk to as many people as possible!

“Figure out who your Admissions Counselor is and say, “Hi!” It really makes you stand out if you already know who is going to be reading your application. Ask lots of questions and pay attention to the Student Ambassador if you go on a tour. They’ve been known to pass the names of the most interested students along to the Counselors…” —James Keats, ‘18, Game Programming major

“I was a shy student prior to coming to Champlain; however, as somebody who is now on the other side of the operation, I remember the people who work at this event want to answer your questions, get to know you personally and create connections. Students, staff and faculty are here for you that day; take advantage of the ability to speak to real people from Champlain’s campus.” —Michelle Garvey, ‘18, Early Childhood/Elementary Education major

“Interact! Being positive and social makes a huge impression.” —Maddie Burgee, ‘20, Management of Creative Media major


  1. Go to as many sessions as you can, but definitely try and ask as many questions as possible.

“I believe that major-specific sessions are going to get students the most excited about Champlain. Current students involved in those sessions share their real experiences.” —Marah Griffin,  ‘20, Criminal Justice and Law double major

“Any informational session about Core! The Core curriculum is thoughtful and interdisciplinary and learning about it from those who live it was a huge factor in my decision [to come to Champlain].” —Zynab Makki, ‘19, Computer Networking & Cybersecurity major

“Not a session, but talk to Financial Aid! They really do want to help families, and it’s much easier to talk to them face to face.” —Bianca Roa, ‘18, Marketing major

“I wish I knew to ask more questions about financial aid and scholarships.” —Bekemeh Airewele, ‘19, Marketing major

“Asking questions on tour isn’t lame—it’s a great opportunity to get the student perspective. Ask for business cards!” —Jade Ye, ‘18, Public Relations major

“Just participate and ask questions. It may sound like a stupid question in your head, but odds are at least one other person in the room is wondering the same thing.” —Maddie Burgee, ‘20, Management of Creative Media major


  1. If you could go back to when you were a prospective student, what would you tell yourself?

“Enjoy yourself, ask your questions, and try to imagine yourself coming to school here. Explore the city of Burlington as much as you explore Champlain’s campus.” —Michelle Garvey, ‘18, Early Childhood/Elementary Education major

“I wish I knew about the city; I was so focused on Champlain that I didn’t think about what else was around and how important Burlington would be to my four years here.” —Lamonte Gambrell, ‘18, Law major

Most important of all: Have fun! Choosing a college is an incredibly exciting decision, so bring your enthusiasm! We can’t wait to have you here with us. And be sure to look out for the students from this blog when you visit!