How Did I Get Here? An Introduction to Champlain Admissions

It’s back to school season. It’s also the start of college application season. This year you’re a senior, but next year you’re a freshman. In this strange time, you may ask yourself, “How did I get here?” If so, here’s a soundtrack while you read the following:

As we start our Fall 2017 semester at Champlain, it brings a mix of emotions for the Admissions team. We are so proud of our incoming class and incredibly excited about their arrival. Although, we are somewhat bummed that as official students they don’t need their Admissions Counselors anymore, we’ll understand… someday. Nevertheless, we are absolutely thrilled that the end result is this:

Class of 2021 at Convocation, Fall 2017—This could be you next year!

This past Friday, August 26th, 2017, we welcomed around 600 of our new first-year students of the Class of 2021 to campus. They were admitted from over 5,400 applications and came from 30 different states and nine different countries, bringing their stories, enthusiasm and energy to campus. We couldn’t be happier, even if it means that they are no longer our prospective students and now full-time Champlain students. They realized this must be the place.

BUT, then we realized it’s time to start talking to the next group of first-year students, the incoming Class of 2018.

And that’s where YOU come in.

This time last year, all of the students in the Class of 2021 started in the same place as you may be right now. They were beginning their senior year, too, and they were just trying to figure out how to even begin the road to nowhere that is the application process to colleges and realizing that they needed some help. There’s the SAT dates, application deadlines, essay prompts, and oh yeah, each college has different rules to play by. It’s a lot, and that’s coming from someone who has done this for 16 years. But they did it, and so can you.

And that is where WE come in.

Champlain’s Admissions Counseling Staff

We are here to help. Now, most colleges you are going to visit are going to tell you that. They are going to tell you about their unique programs and what makes them singularly the best college for you. After the fifth college visit or so, it may all start to sound the same. They will likely all have pictures similar to the one above, though they may not be as photogenic.

What is going to separate your Champlain experience apart from the rest is our Admissions Counselors. We are not just talking heads. We are here to ensure that your application process to Champlain is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Whether it’s a question about the College, setting up a campus visit, RSVP-ing for Open House or scheduling an interview near your hometown, we’ve got your back. This is what we do and in a way that few others can compare.

So today is an introduction—our way of saying, “Hi.” You’ll hear lots more from us as the year goes on on in this blog. We are going to talk about the value of applying Early Decision, how to ace your college interview, application do’s and don’ts, earning scholarships just by visiting campus, Open House etiquette (example: don’t wear another college’s sweatshirt!), and whatever the heck poutine is: if you study abroad at our Montreal campus, you’ll find out!

But don’t wait for the next post here. Connect with your Counselor directly—text us, email us, call us. All of our information is here. And soon, we will be on the road, traveling to a town near you. We’d love to connect with you, whether it’s at your high school, a coffee shop or one of our Discovery Day events.

You can even earn $850 in micro-scholarships when you visit campus. Simply follow Champlain on RaiseMe and receive a $750 dollar micro-scholarship for visiting campus. You can earn another $100 micro-scholarship for interviewing the day of your visit. It will all start making sense.

We want to get to know you, hear your story and be a part of your future. We hope that you will share your time with us, as we just sent 600 of our best stories on the path to achieving their goals.

Maybe next year, it will be you in our first-year class photo. It only happens once in a lifetime.

Hope to hear from you soon. (Especially if you caught the song titles in here.)

Chris Perlongo

Director of Admissions