Wonder Women: 4 Champlain Seniors Reflect on Their Best Internships

Champlain College’s upside down curriculum allows students to jump into their major related courses as soon as they step foot on campus. Because of this, students  are able to immerse themselves in their field of study at multiple internships before they graduate. (We’re talking anywhere from 1 to 6+ internships!)  Continue reading to learn about four recent Champlain College graduates’ most memorable internship experiences:

Emmalee with her students at her internship with Hujiang.com.

Emmalee with her students at her internship with Hujiang.com.

“The summer of my junior year, I interned at the biggest online education company in China, Hujiang.com, located in Shanghai. It was an incredible company to work for. The staff members were all sweet and welcoming, and the children I worked with brightened up my day.

“Over the course of the summer, I created PowerPoint lesson plans for classes and taught online and in-person classes to children. Having little experience in teaching students, I was nervous at first. With guidance and positive reassurance from my supervisor and colleagues, the experience became almost effortless. By the end of the summer, I was offered a part time teaching position for the company.

“I still stay in contact with the people I worked with. That summer was full of adventure and excitement. I also got to travel throughout China, climb the Great Wall, experience a plethora of scrumptious food and make new friends.”

—Emmalee Osbourne, ‘17 // Psychology Major with a Business Administration Minor

 Tyler working at the Vermont Works for Women booth during the City Market Co-op Food Fest.

Tyler working at the Vermont Works for Women booth during the City Market Co-op Food Fest.

“In the fall of my senior year, I had the wonderful and unique opportunity to intern at Vermont Works for Women (VWW), a non-profit social enterprise centered around women’s working rights and abilities in Vermont. I first heard of VWW my sophomore year in some capacity around campus, and upon a little more research, I fell in love with the organization and everything they did for getting local women working in nontraditional fields.

“During the spring career fair hosted by Champlain’s Career Collaborative, I met two employees, Lisa and Tori (who would end up being my soon-to-be supervisors and good friends), and had a very brief conversation that ended in the exchange of my résumé and cover letter and their business cards. A couple of months later, after feeling discouraged about not hearing back about the community outreach and development internship they were hiring for, I got an email from Lisa asking for an interview in early August! My interview went incredibly well, and they offered me the position.

“Over the course of the next four months, I worked one-on-one with so many amazing women, heard their stories and participated in events I will never forget. This internship was not just a portfolio and résumé builder for me, it was an experience that will stay with me in all of my professional endeavors.”

—Tyler Jennings-Peczka, ‘17 // Broadcast Media Production  

 Rhea at her internship with Al Roker.

Rhea at her internship with Al Roker.

“During my senior year, I have been completing internships outside of the comfort of campus and Vermont. For the fall semester, I lived and worked in Manhattan at Al Roker Entertainment as their Media Production Intern. I worked as an Assistant Editor on a web docu-series that followed six black young adults finding success in New York while giving back to their HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) across the country.

“Additionally, I worked as an Assistant Social Media Manager and Editor for a celebrity interview talk show titled Behind the Velvet Rope with Arthur Kade. Through this, I worked directly with Arthur (literally, my desk was next to his—he often borrowed my phone charger) and the producers to edit and produce content for their social media. I also was able to meet a number of celebrities in television, film and music as they came in for interviews with Arthur.

“Lastly, I was given the opportunity to do technical direction for two episodes of a live show titled ChefShock staring Food Network star Justin Warner. I was able to go to his house and direct the two-hour live cooking show, controlling the camera switching, audience interaction and overall structure of the show. I also had the opportunity to put together a sizzle reel of the show’s “best moments” that was sent off to various television networks to pitch the show.

“Currently, I am interning with Universal Creative in Orlando Florida, right on site at Universal Studios. Each day I come in and work alongside media producers, directors, editors, designers and administrative staff to create, manage and produce media content for rides and attractions within the Universal Parks and Resorts worldwide. It’s fascinating because so far I’ve worked on projects for attractions within the parks here in Florida, as well as in Japan and Hollywood—parks I’ve never seen before! While I can’t give credit to anyone but myself for finding and landing this internship, I give so much credit to my faculty advisor, Nancy Kerr, for her help in making it a reality!”

—Rhea Hayes, ‘17 // Broadcast Media Production

Kate with her VSO co-workers at their annual Chic at the Shelburne event in Dublin, Ireland.

Kate with her VSO co-workers at their annual Chic at the Shelbourne event in Dublin, Ireland.

“The fall of my junior year, I had the amazing experience of studying abroad at Champlain’s campus in Dublin, Ireland. A big part of that experience was my Communications and Recruitment internship with the international development agency VSO Ireland. VSO does incredible work in marginalized communities around the world, and I was so inspired by my time with them!

“During the second semester of my sophomore year, the professional staff at the Dublin campus (shout-out to Lilly, Stephen and Ciaran!) Skyped with me to chat about my interests and the type of internship experience I was looking for. Then, they connected me with VSO. Over the course of my semester with VSO, I got to run several social media campaigns, learn more about the recruitment process and international development protocols, tour the LinkedIn European headquarters in Dublin and help plan VSO’s annual Chic at the Shelbourne fundraiser.

“The Shelbourne is a beautiful historic hotel in Dublin, and VSO hosts a dinner and fashion show there each year to bring together their community partners and sponsors for a night of fun and fundraising! My role in this involved working with local businesses of all types to help bring together the venue, the entertainment, the prizes and the promotional materials. The event was a huge success, and I was able to invite two other Champlain College students to help out on the day of the event!

“I felt so welcomed and included in the VSO office—everything from team meetings to being in the Rugby World Cup office pool. Everyone in the office was interested to hear how my classes were going and to help me plan trips around Europe. Some of my favorite memories in Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Amsterdam are places or experiences I never would have known about without my coworkers’ advice and travel tips! My experience abroad was so much richer because of my internship with VSO Ireland, and that semester taught me a lot about what I’m looking for in future jobs.”

—Katherine Shuler, ‘17 // Double Major in Business Administration and Management & Innovation