Why Champlain?

When you find the college that feels like it was made just for you, you’ll know it! There are a variety of reasons why students chose Champlain as their dream school. Ask anyone on campus what brought them here, and each response will be different—that’s part of what makes our community so special. Here’s a few examples:

“I chose Champlain College because….”

Burlington, Vermont, is a beautiful place to be.

  • I chose Champlain because  as soon as I toured, I knew this was the school for me. It was a combination of the small campus size, job placement rate and the outright beauty of Burlington that brought me here. — Anthony Rivers, ‘18 //  Psychology
  • I chose to come to Champlain because of how calm and beautiful the town was, along with how artsy and expressive the people are. It felt like a place where I could explore my true self. — Ricky D’Oleo Galan, ‘19 // Creative Media
  • When I was initially looking for colleges, I thought I wanted to be in a big city; however, I was really attracted to how nature-oriented Burlington was, and I knew I would easily be living a healthy lifestyle if I came to school here. — Jessy Moyer, ‘19 // Communication

Champlain’s approach to curriculum and career preparation is unprecedented.

  • My goal after college is to have a career, not a job. My first visit to Champlain verified that goal with their job placement rate for graduates. When I heard about there Information Technology & Sciences Division  and their Computer & Digital Forensics program. I was blown away.  I told my school counselor that day, “This is the college I want to go to.” — Felisa Charles, ‘19 // Computer & Digital Forensics
  • I  first heard about Champlain when I started looking into majoring in Game Design. But, when I learned about how I could jump into my major my very first semester, I knew that this was where I wanted to be. The idea of being able to make games as soon as I got to college was really exciting. I couldn’t wait to get started. — Charlie Carucci, ‘18 // Game Design
  • Not only did Champlain have the one of the best programs for my major (Computer Science & Innovation), but it had this cool, modern and innovative vibe.. Champlain is always striving to grow as an institution and provide the most relevant education possible, so I know that I am going to be competitive in the workplace when I leave. — Matthew Fortier, ‘18 Computer Science & Innovation
  • When I visited Champlain, I fell in love with the scenery and architecture. The idea of being able to live in a Victorian-style mansion intrigued me. After attending an Open House, I fell in love with the Psychology program, and the Upside-Down Curriculum won me over.  I wanted to delve into my field right away.  The combination of Champlain’s beautiful campus,  great curriculum and a competitive financial aid packet made it an easy decision to come here. — Emmalee Osborne, ‘17 // Psychology

The Champlain  community is warm and  welcoming.

  • When I first started looking at colleges, I knew that I did not want to be lost in a large student body. Upon coming to Champlain, I was immediately welcomed by faculty and students who would remember me at future events I would attend. The community at Champlain is unique and is why I ultimately decided on Champlain College. — Meghan Donovan, ‘20 // Computer Information Technology
  • The moment I really knew was when I was walking across a street in Burlington and a car stopped and smiled at me, waving. That level of friendliness and approachable atmosphere was something I didn’t know I needed until I got it at Champlain. — Donovan Violette, ‘17 // Game Design
  • I love the vibe of the people at Champlain. Everyone has something that they are really passionate about, whether it is their major, personal projects or skills they’ve developed, or a niche position at Champlain that they’re found, loved and inspired them to do more and grow. I felt like there’s tons of diverse opportunities here to grow. I really do feel like I’ve changed for the better so far! — Zynab Makki, ‘19 // Computer Networking & Cybersecurity

The reasons why students are choosing Champlain don’t stop there! Check out responses from our recently admitted Class of 2021:

  • My love for Champlain stems from my love for Vermont. I live in New York but come to Vermont every year. — Jack Brophy
  • My shop teacher suggested last year that I look into Champlain. Her son is currently enrolled and said that it’s a fantastic school, and it has exactly what I want to do. So I visited and fell in love with the area and the campus. Now I’m waiting for the day I can move on campus. — Michael Correia
  • Champlain was the only school I visited where I could 100% see myself being a part of it. — Sarah Proto
  • I loved the size of the school. It’s big enough to have your own space but small enough that you really feel a sense of community. And I love the city of Burlington. There truly is something for everyone. —Samantha Baker
  • I fell in love with Champlain because of the career-focused majors (I’m excited to work with other game development students in a studio environment to make a game!), the unique clubs, great opportunities, the beautiful campus and surrounding area, and the fact that plastic water bottles are banned. I’m all for saving the environment. — Erika Danielle
  • I chose Champlain because of the career focus, the study abroad emphasis, the overall vibe of the campus and the city of Burlington, plus the opportunities for adventure outside of the city. —Sarah Dunne
  • Champlain is one of the very few colleges with a Digital Forensics program, and they are also the best one. In other words, my search for colleges was very short and sweet. Since there really was only one choice. — Victor Griswold
  • I wanted to go to Champlain because they have one of the best video game design programs in the country. — Abigayle Harrop
  • Champlain offers everything I want in a college, from experiences to programs. Burlington is also a beautiful place. — Hannah Short

We’d love to see you on campus too! Learn more about Champlain College here and see how beautiful campus and Burlington, Vermont is for yourself by scheduling a campus tour here!