Champlain College Clubs and Activities – Part 2

Champlain College may be small, but it never runs out of things to offer its students! Currently, Champlain has over 60 clubs and activities on its campus. Recently, we highlighted a few of Champlain’s  clubs and activities (see here) and realized, why stop at just one blog post? Here are some more unique clubs and activities on Champlain’s campus:

International Business Club

Members of the International Business Club on a trip in Montreal, Canada.

The International Business Club offers a space for students from all majors to test and challenge their beliefs of global business and politics in an environment that is solution driven and thought provoking. The International Business Club hosts the International Round Table held twice a week where students can converse, debate and form new ideas of their own in a constructive environment. The International Business Club also runs a trip to Montreal once a semester that gives 20 students the opportunity to meet with international businesses, honorary consulates and universities in an education focused journey to our northern neighbor. This club is entirely inclusive and open to all majors and all years.”

—Daniel S. Muller, President of the International Business Club

Sustain Champlain/ Eco Reps

Eco Reps giving out plants during an activities fair on campus

Eco Reps giving out plants during an activities fair on campus


Sustain Champlain is a campus initiative to promote a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle for all students on campus and to introduce environmentally-conscious practices for each student to use throughout their lives. Founded in 2005, Sustain Champlain has been working tirelessly for the last 12 years to help reduce Champlain’s waste output, energy consumption, and overall environmental impact.

If you’re passionate about the environment and want to help other students learn about sustainability, you can apply to be an Eco-Rep. Eco-Reps are a student leadership position where you can work in your residence hall (and maybe other halls, too) and educate residents about different ways to be sustainable. Eco-Reps make sustainable bulletin boards, run events and meet like-minded students on campus. Unlike most leadership positions, you can be an Eco-Rep in your very first semester on campus, so it’s a great way to get valuable leadership experience and make connections right away. Sustain Champlain and Eco-Reps are working to make sure that everyone at Champlain is able to easily integrate sustainability in their own lives!”

—Margaret Woodman, Champlain College Eco Rep


Champlain's non- fiction satire publication, Chivomengro.

Champlain’s non- fiction satire publication, Chivomengro.

Chivomengro is a non-fiction satire publication that’s been running out of Champlain since 2012. With over 30,000 views in 2016 alone, Chivomengro accepts submissions from students on a rolling basis and publishes once a month. We value our commitment to the writer—they publish what they want, when they want. We accept everything, except for the dirty dishes in your sink and poetry. We can be found on Twitter @ChivTweets and in your pantry looking for food.”

—Jess Schultz, Co- Editor in Chief of Chivomengro

Love Your Melon

Champlain College’s Love Your Melon crew.

Champlain College’s Love Your Melon crew.

Love Your Melon is an apparel brand run by college students dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America, as well as supporting nonprofit organizations who lead the fight against pediatric cancer. We have clubs on campuses all over the country who are responsible for planning events to spread the word about our cause. At Champlain, we have made our presence through movie nights, giveaways, appearances at Champlain’s Rail Jam and tabling with fun activities like card making for kids at the local hospital. Being a part of Love Your Melon provides you with the satisfaction of being a part of something huge and country-wide. Every one of the thousands of members has made an impact on someone’s life.”

—Madison Young, Love Your Melon Member

Intramural Soccer


Champlain’s intramural soccer players keeping their eyes on the ball!

Champlain’s intramural soccer players keeping their eyes on the ball!


Champlain College’s intramural soccer team is the school’s largest intramural club sport. Regardless of your skill level, there is a spot on a team for everyone. Each week, teams compete against each other but ultimately get together to just have fun. We play indoors at  nearby sports center, which is perfect for Vermont’s unpredictable weather. At the end of the season, teams compete in play off games. My team won last season and we got customized t-shirts as a prize. I’ve participated in intramural soccer for 4 years, and I still love it. It’s a great way to meet new people, destress and stay active!”

—Mark Miller, intramural soccer player

Check back soon to learn more about  Champlain’s clubs and activities in upcoming blog posts, visit our website to see Champlain’s master list of clubs or watch our Google Hangout all about student life and activities on campus below: