Spring Senior Admissions Interns

Meet the Admissions Senior Interns

We are Champlain College’s Admissions Senior Interns. We are a group of seniors who represent different majors, interests and backgrounds. Most importantly,  we are passionate about Champlain! We work closely with the Undergraduate Admissions team on various projects, including greeting prospective students and families, answering their questions about the College and meeting with students one-on-one in informational interviews. Here’s a few fun facts about us and what we love about Champlain:

Tyler Jennings-Peczka, Broadcast Media Production Major

Tyler Jennings-Peczka

Hometown: Windsor, Connecticut

Fun fact: I can play the violin!

What are you involved in on campus? P.A.U.S.E or People Advocating and Uniting for Social Equality is a group on campus that aims to  question societal systems and their oppressive potential, and then take action to create positive social change on campus, communal, and global scales.

What is your favorite Champlain College memory? My favorite Champlain College memory was definitely the semester I spent in Dublin, Ireland during the fall semester of my third year. The four months I spent in Europe was by far the best experience of my life so far; I traveled to five countries, met incredible people, tried a lot of delicious food, and learned a lot about myself.

What has been your favorite college class? Why? My favorite class has been my second year core Bodies class taught by Faith Yacubian. In this class we were really able to understand how we as humans and our physical and perceived bodies fit into society. It was the first time I was pushed to really try and understand who I am and what I let define me.

Why did you choose Champlain? I chose Champlain because it was the only school I found that had the exact major I was looking to study, and everything else seemed to fall perfectly into place: beautiful residence halls for my first year, small learning environments where all of my professors knew who I was, and a college town where I never have an excuse to be bored. Champlain was,and still is, the perfect school for me.

Caitlin Ludke, Psychology Major

Caitlin Ludke, Champlain College Senior Admission Intern

Hometown: Nahant, MA

Fun fact: The only bone I’ve broken is my elbow, and it was because it got caught in a ceiling fan.

What are you involved in on campus? Over the past four years I have been involved with a few of the leadership organizations on campus, such as Residential Life, the Life Experience & Action Dimension (LEAD) program, the Counseling and Accommodations Center and Admissions. I am also part of the rock climbing club.

What is your favorite Champlain College memory? Champlain has given me so many wonderful memories, but I will never forget the day I met my best friend in college. It was move-in day and the first day of orientation, and I knew nobody. I saw this girl with a pixie haircut and glasses; I thought she looked cool, so I walked over to her, told her I liked her hair and we should be friends. She said thank you, and from that point on, we clicked. We are still best friends, and now we live together along with her Ragdoll cat who is adorable!

What has been your favorite college class? Why? My favorite class at Champlain was a class I took for my minor called Principles of Public Relations. Nancy Kerr, my professor for the class, was extremely inspiring and helpful. She helped me figure out that Public Relations was the field I want to go into after college. Not only did I learn basic PR skills, but I also found my passion, which narrows down the job search for me. Now I have a known path I can venture down all because of this one class.

Why did you choose Champlain? I chose Champlain because the academic curriculum sounded really cool, and the location was perfect. I got the big city feel with the small academic class size I wanted. Burlington is such a neat and quirky little town, and there’s something for everyone. Coffee shops, boutiques, music, food—it’s all here and only a short walk down the hill from Champlain’s campus. I also really liked the vibe of the school. I knew right when I stepped onto campus that it was the place for me. I could picture myself sitting in Fireside Lounge doing homework or hanging out in the Victorian-style mansions with friends. It’s just a great atmosphere, and you feel that from the moment you get here.

Alexandria “Lexi” Ratajczak, Accounting Major

Alexandria Ratajczak Senior Admissions Intern

Hometown: Elkville, IL

Fun fact: I know how to replace the roof on a house!

What are you involved in on campus? In addition to being an intern for Admissions, I am currently one of the front office assistants for Career Collaborative; I do everything from covering the front desk, signing students in for their appointments and answering general questions to more specific projects like job posting or data entry.

What is your favorite Champlain College memory? My favorite memory is when I had to do this semester-long project for Intermediate Accounting II; the class was split into groups, and we had to spend several hours over many weeks analyzing and comparing the financial statements of two companies. In the end, my group nailed it with this beautiful presentation! Because of the moments we shared from that course, the two people in my group and I became the best of friends and have muscled through our other accounting courses together ever since. We’ve helped move each other in and out of apartments, made dinner and done homework together, or just sat on campus chatting before we had to head to class.

What has been your favorite college class? Why? I love all of my courses, so it’s really hard to just choose one; however, if I HAD to choose a favorite, the two Core courses I had with Michael Lange (Global Conditions and Identity & Independence) were my favorite! If you enjoy learning and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, he will definitely push you as far as you want to go. The critical thinking skills that I developed from his classes have helped me exponentially in all other areas of my life, and I wish I could take more!

Why did you choose Champlain? The Upside-Down Curriculum really spoke to me because I was looking to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience prior to my junior year appealed to me. However, what really drove me to Champlain was adventure; I had never been anywhere on the East Coast, and I really wanted to push my individual limits. Champlain has allowed me to grow in more ways than I ever imagined.


Katherine “Kate” Shuler, Business Administration/Management & Innovation, with a Specialization in Human Resources

Katherine Shuler

Hometown: Barton, New York

Fun fact: I’ve flown around the world (literally!) during my year abroad in China, Ireland and New Zealand on international flights, but I’ve still never been on a domestic flight in the U.S.!

What are you involved in on campus? I’m currently on the leadership team for the Stiller Women in Business, an organization on campus with the vision of empowering and motivating women in the business world to achieve their goals and succeed in the workplace. ‘SWIB’ works with faculty and staff, other organizations on campus (such as Women in ITS, The Women’s Empowerment Initiative, etc.), and members of the local business community to strengthen the professional expertise of anyone who wishes to join us, with a particular aim towards supporting female-identifying business students. I’m also involved with the Cultural Community Alliance (CCA) and the International Business Club!  

What is your favorite Champlain College memory? It’s so hard to choose! My year abroad was filled with so many incredible memories, but I have so many wonderful memories here in Burlington too. I’d say bonding with everyone in my first year residence hall is my favorite Champlain College memory; I remember getting back to Champlain after Thanksgiving break, and realizing how much I had missed everyone while I was home. Coming back to my hall felt like coming home to my other family, and that was just the greatest feeling. I still feel like everyone from that hall is a big part of my Champlain family.

What has been your favorite college class? Why? During my first year at Champlain, I took a class called ‘Marketing and the Organizational Mindset.’ Within the first week, we were presented with a real client from the Burlington community, and put in teams to start doing research to create a marketing plan for this company. I learned so much about my own personal teamwork style in that class, and about working with a real client. Presenting our ideas and seeing the company actually implement them was so empowering, especially as a first-year, and it helped me find my interest in Organizational Development, which led me to my Management & Innovation major! (And now I have that same professor for my Senior Capstone class!)

Why did you choose Champlain? I first looked at Champlain College because of the Upside-Down Curriculum; I knew I wanted to get into my major classes right away. I also looked at study abroad options through the Office of International Education, because I knew I wanted to go abroad during my college experience. The Burlington business community was also a big part of my decision; I was inspired and excited by companies from Burlington that were changing the world with the way they were doing business, such as Ben & Jerry’s and Seventh Generation. All that and the incredible personal attention I received during the application process convinced me to visit, and visiting Champlain in person sealed the deal; I fell in love with the beautiful first-year halls, the cozy feeling of our campus, and the view of the lake and mountains!  

Sarah Steward, Communication Major

Sarah Steward Champlain College Senior Admission Intern

Hometown: Manalapan, New Jersey

Fun fact: I have never seen Harry Potter, Star Wars, or The Hunger Games.

What are you involved in on campus? I am currently a Resident Assistant, a member of Champlain’s DREAM program and an inducted member of The National Society of Leadership and Success. I have also worked with the LEAD program as a Peer Advisor and in the Office of International Education.

What is your favorite Champlain College memory? While I’ve had countless “favorites” during my time here at Champlain, a time that particularly sticks out to me is orientation weekend my first year of college. It was such an exciting and scary time in my life. It’s the first time I was truly away from home, and I was getting so much information at once—it was overwhelming! Going through that whole experience, however, I realized that everyone is in the same boat and a lot of bonds form during that time. I remember my whole hall bonding in such a beautiful way by the end of orientation that I was so pumped for the school year!

What has been your favorite college class? Why? When I studied abroad at Champlain’s campus in Dublin, Ireland, I was in a class called Creative Dublin. I walked in the first day of school and was told by my professor that by the end of the semester my fellow classmates and I would be responsible for putting on an art event in Dublin. I could barely even navigate myself to school at this point, so to say I was overwhelmed is a huge understatement. However, my classmates and I did a stellar job. With over 100 individuals from 3 different countries in attendance, I’d say our event was a success! That class definitely helped me grow as not only a student but also a professional and has left me constantly wondering “What can I accomplish next?”

Why did you choose Champlain? I kept looking at overwhelmingly big universities and state schools during my college search and it wasn’t until I visited Champlain that I realized I needed that tight-knit community feeling. I can walk across campus at anytime and run into someone I know, and that’s comforting. Since that initial ah-ha’ moment, I love the fact that I can ask my professors about anything and everything. They truly want you to succeed and care about you long after you’ve completed their class. You’re not just a number, you’re a person and that is unheard of at other institutions.


Informational Interviews

To find out more about informational interviews, or if you are interested in scheduling an interview, please contact Sue Chamberlain at 802.860.2727 or admission@champlain.edu with a preferred date and time. Click here to view this semester’s interview schedule.

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  1. Gavin McGarry

    Can I schedule an interview with an intern who might be familiar with cyber security program? I will be visiting for the tour on 10/2916 at 10:30 a.m.

    1. Admissions Intern Post author

      Hi Gavin! We’d love to interview you. Please make an appointment with us by calling 802.860.2727 We look forward to seeing you on campus!


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