The Merry Band of Traveling Ambassadors

The Merry Band of Traveling Ambassadors
Oh the Place’s You’ll Go on Spring Break

How did you spend your Spring Break?

Our Student Ambassadors wanted to share cool stuff they did. Leave a comment and tell us about your Spring Break experiences. We’d love to hear from you!

Everett Ackerman, ‘16 // Marketing

I’m Everett, a senior and a Marketing major from Schenectady, NY. I was so pumped for Spring Break because I went out to Denver, Colorado to reunite with some friends I met while studying abroad in New Zealand. The plan was to ski as much as possible, and boy did we accomplish that.

The two mountains we went to were Breckenridge and Loveland. Since it was my first time skiing in Colorado, I shot for first and last chair at each mountain. Breckenridge was awesome because it was huge and had so many great trails. It was also a beautiful day, and we couldn’t have asked for better conditions. The next day at Loveland it was snowing hard the entire time we were there. The conditions were impeccable with over a foot of powder. It might be my favorite day of skiing in my entire life. We also went hiking at Garden of the Gods and Red Rocks.

Meghan Driscoll, ‘17 // Criminal Justice

I’m Meghan, and I study Criminal Justice at Champlain. I’m originally from Holliston, Massachusetts, but many of my family members live in San Diego, California. This is my third year at Champlain, and I decided to go visit them for spring break. It was my first time to actually go on vacation during spring break.

It was very affordable to fly out of Boston. So my boyfriend and I took a MegaBus to South Station in the heart of the Boston and then took a short bus ride to the airport from there. (The MegaBus stop is conveniently located close to Champlain on the University of Vermont’s campus, and the round trip for two people costs only $20.) The ride was only three and a half hours, and the bus was almost completely filled with Champlain students. One of my favorite professors was also on the bus! Even though I didn’t know most of the students, it made me feel a lot more comfortable, since I had not traveled on the MegaBus before.

I had a great time in San Diego with my sister, cousins, uncle and boyfriend. At the end of the week I didn’t want to leave! It was so warm, sunny, beautiful, but I did miss the Vermont air. As soon as my boyfriend and I got off the MegaBus in Vermont at the end of our trip, I inhaled the sweet, fresh air. Taking a break was perfectly timed, but it was good to be back home.

Caleb King, ‘16 // Management & Innovation

My name is Caleb. I’m a senior and a Marketing & Innovation major from Sheffield, MA. I love Spring Break because it’s prime hiking and biking weather, so I planned to be outdoors as much as possible. I stayed in Burlington over the break; I wanted to work as much as possible while enjoying the weather.

Also, I collaborated with a friend from University of Massachusetts to launch a new company selling phone cases. We workshopped the first product line with local businesses that share our demographic and are looking to implement some further business plans for the remaining weeks of the semester and into the summer. Stay tuned!

Stephanie Doan, ‘18 // Psychology

I’m Steph, and I’m a Psychology major, minoring in Business Administration. I’m originally from Boston, MA For the first time, I decided to go on Spring Break without my family, and boy was that an adventure. I have a heart full of wanderlust. I had been saving up money for a trip on my own, and this year I went to San Francisco, California! I had never gone on a trip without my parents and siblings, so I was super excited to go.

The entire trip consisted of my best friend and me driving around to different fun places in the San Francisco Bay Area. I thought there were some big hills here in Burlington, but San Francisco makes our hills look like flat land. I definitely fangirled when I got to see The Painted Ladies. You know, those houses and that green park in the opening theme of Full House. Yep. I fangirled. I couldn’t wait to call my mom later that night to tell her about it. One of the coolest things I got to do was touring Alcatraz. I’m such a history nerd, so getting to see the facilities was definitely a plus for me.

Overall, San Francisco is another adventure I’ve put under my belt, and I can’t wait to see the new places I decide to go in the future.

Dominique Cornacchia, ‘18 // Broadcast Media Production Major

Hey everyone! My name is Dom Cornacchia. I’m originally from Essex Junction, Vermont, and this is my second year at Champlain studying Broadcast Media Production. I also just declared a Global Studies minor! Over spring break, I had the amazing opportunity to go to Nicaragua for 10 days.

Every year Champlain College’s Center for Service & Civic Engagement, hosts an alternative Spring Break trip to Chacraseca, Nicaragua. I participated in my first year and was fortunately accepted to return this year as the student leader of the trip. In Nicaragua, we participated in service opportunities such as building a home for a local family and working in the classroom with 6th and 7th grade English Language Learners.

Each day we did something new and exciting! Some days we spent the whole morning with the family to work on building a home. Other days, we participated in fantastic cultural excursions. One day, we took a trip to a local bee farm and took a tour of the whole apiary. The owner spoke about owning his own farm and how he is able to make and distribute honey both domestically and internationally. We also visited a pottery place completely owned and operated by a man and his family. It was an incredible experience to visit Nicaragua and be immersed in the culture right from the start.

We were able to do a lot of other once-in-a-lifetime day trips! For example, one day we climbed a volcano, the next day we swam in a lagoon, and we spent one evening on the coast of the pacific ocean. Participating in this service trip was a wonderful experience, and for those students who have not explored the idea of an international excursion, especially a service trip, I have only this to say: please, do it. It will change your life in ways you could never imagine!

Jack Storm, ‘16 // Game Programmer

Hey there! I am Jack Storm, a Senior Game Programmer from Rochester, NY. Prior to Spring Break, the farthest west I had been has been was the Dakotas. However, that changed when  Champlain gave me the opportunity to spend the week in San Francisco going to the Game Developers Conference. Definitely my favorite Spring Break of all time.

The Conference was a week long with events happening throughout each day. The first two days had a lot of summit talks, so I spent a lot of time at the AI Summits learning about Artificial Intelligence and hearing stories from industry leaders. From Wednesday to Friday the main conference started and the expo halls opened.

One of the expo halls was full of companies looking to connect with others and find employees. The other hall was full of the future; a ton of companies were showing off their various soon-to-be released products. The big theme this year was Virtual Reality. So any company that had a headset or a VR game they were working on had it on display and available to test. It was a really fun way to spend three days. Needless to say, it was a great experience, and I got a lot of contacts out of it. I am hoping to get the chance to go again in the future.