Admitted Student Day Memories – Part 3

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Admitted Student Day Memories – Part 3:
Student experiences, highlights and advice

I Met Two Important People: My Best Friend and a Professor

As a senior, my Admitted Student Day seems like it was years ago! Though, I honestly remember it like it was yesterday. During the event, I met another student who quickly became one of my best friends. I met a professor who is now my advisor and biggest supporter when it comes to what path I want my education to take. I also learned about all the activities that Champlain offers that are now a big part of my life as a student.

Champlain started influencing me before I even took my first class here. I loved
Admitted Student Day because I was able to start finding my passions as soon as I stepped onto campus. I was able to see what Champlain could offer and solidify the fact that it was the school for me.

Rachel Hatem, ‘16 // Business Administration // Event Management minor

I met my roommate at Admitted Student Day! We roomed together Sophomore year as well because it was such a great experience.

Emily Rice, ’17 // Management and Innovation

I Learned About A Cool Opportunity!



I met Nicole Lentine, an Admissions Counselor on an Admitted Student Day and she mentioned the Summer Launch programs Champlain offered. I ended up signing up for the program and she was the faculty leader. Nicole ended up suggesting that I apply to be a Student Ambassador, and here I am now four years later, the Lead of the Student Ambassador team! (Shout out to my mom for taking this great photo of us).

Karisa Desjardins, ‘ 16 // Business Administration


A Professor Talked To Me About My Future Classes

During my Admitted Student Day experience, each major was divided into different classrooms
on campus, where we met our program director. As a Graphic Design major, I met with Suzanne Glover and three other design students. She talked about classes we would take and also showed us examples of student work. It was extremely intimidating for me, because I only had experience with fine art at the time. Suzanne told me not to worry and sure enough, she was right.

Suzanne is now my favorite professor at Champlain and with the way my classes threw me into design right away, I was able to keep up with the program. Now, I am headed to London next semester to study abroad at a graphic design school and I know I made the right decision. Great opportunities seem to keep arising.

Amanda Collins, ’18 // Graphic Design & Digital Media

I Could Picture Myself on Campus as a Student

Even if you’ve been on a tour here or you think you know the area really well, going to Admitted Student Day is such a different experience. There are so many more chances to connect with current students and fellow classmates. There are also many opportunities to try out classes, find out more about a potential major and the LEAD program.

I know I went to a ton of workshops, and it was my first taste of college too, because my parents were off doing workshops all day and I was on my own. It was really neat, I could see myself walking this way to class everyday and enjoying the beautiful campus. I had a great time!

Jessica Schultz, ‘19 // Communications

What kinds of stories will you have after your Admitted Student Day? If you’re not signed up yet to attend this year’s Admitted Student Day for the Class of 2020, you can register here. We hope to see you there!