Admitted Student Day Memories – Part 2

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Admitted Student Day Memories – Part 2:
Student experiences, highlights and advice

Admitted Student Day at Champlain College is a day you may remember for the rest of your life. Seriously.

For the admitted students who know they will be attending and have already deposited, it’s a window into their future life. For students who have not made a college commitment yet, Admitted Student Day can be a day they decide that Champlain’s hilltop campus will be their home for the next four years.

We thought it would be fun to get some current students to tell us what kind of impact coming to the Champlain College Admitted Student Day had on their college experience. Keep checking in between now and April 16th for the latest posting in this three-part series—it may come in handy.

A Faculty Member Helped Me to Apply For a Summer Internship

I visited Champlain for the third time for an Admitted Student Day, and it was without a doubt one of the main reasons I chose to attend Champlain.

I was undecided about which major in the Robert P. Stiller School of Business I wanted to pursue, so I met with the Associate Dean, Scott Baker. We chatted about my interests and which majors related to them the most. It really helped me make the decision to choose Marketing as my major.

What really surprised me was when I was on campus in the Fall, Scott recognized me, remembered my name and asked me how my semester was going. The fact that he remembered me amongst hundreds of students he talked to was amazing and really showed me how much the professors care for both prospective and current students.

Last year, Scott also helped me apply for the Freeman Foundation Grant, which allowed me to spend last summer in Shanghai, China, at an internship associated with Nike.

It is truly because of the Admitted Students Day and Scott Baker that I made the decision to attend Champlain, and it has helped prepare me for my career in ways I could not have imagined before college.

– Everett Ackerman, ’16 // Marketing with a Specialization in Advertising

A Current Student Helped Me Choose My Major

I applied Early Decision and was really excited to come to Champlain in the Fall. I applied as an Undeclared student in the Division of Communication & Creative Media, and I met a current student, Molly McGhee, who helped me make the decision about my current major.

A few days before August Orientation, I declared as a Public Relations* (BS) major, and I’m so happy with the choice I made. I would advise all newly admitted students to talk with current students about Champlain—you can learn a lot from their experiences.

– Duncan Persons, ‘18 // Public Relations

*As of September 2016, the Public Relations major will transition to become part of our Communication major as a specialization option for incoming students.

My Tour Guide Was So Enthusiastic!

I went on a residence hall tour during my Admitted Student Day. A Student Ambassador, Julia, was giving the tour, and she was really enthusiastic. She made sure we got to see plenty of rooms, and she even showed us her own room in South House.

Her energy, humor, and willingness to direct the tour to exactly what admitted students were looking for helped solidify my decision to come to Champlain.

– Maddy McLean, ‘16 // Public Relations*

*As of September 2016, the Public Relations major will transition to become part of our Communication major as a specialization option for incoming students.

Stay tuned for more Admitted Student Day memories! To sign up for one of our Admitted Student Days if you haven’t already, click here.