Not Your Everyday Business Program

The job market can be fiercely competitive for today’s graduates, particularly business majors. Business majors share similar educational backgrounds, and many of the business programs across the country look very similar and offer similar degrees. But, in the real world, you need more than just a degree, and that’s where Champlain’s program differs. Our business school, The Robert P. Stiller School of Business, is made up of professors with extensive industry experience and hands-on classes that provide real-world learning opportunities. There is a lot to say about why the Stiller School of Business stands out, so I’ve narrowed it down to my top five reasons why I think Champlain College’s Business Administration program is unique.

  1. Hands-on learning starts on day one.
    From your first class as a First Year, you jump right into your first group project: operating a virtual coffee shop. Sound scary? It’s actually super fun. Your group is responsible for making important business decisions throughout the semester: Everything from the name of your coffee shop and the atmosphere you are trying to create, to how much coffee you are purchasing per week and what hiring decisions to make. This class may even be the make-or-break deciding factor of whether or not the business world is right for you, and it gets you started with hands-on learning from the get-go. 
  2. There are internships, upon internships, upon INTERNSHIPS!
    Champlain College and the Stiller School of Business are HUGE advocates for internships and believe that they are what truly gives students the experience needed to succeed. By the time you graduate, you will easily have had at least two or three internships in your field. Companies that students in our business program have interned for include: Fuse Marketing, Keurig Green Mountain, Seventh Generation, Champlain College Office of Admissions, and many others. It’s no secret that Burlington-based companies know how great Champlain students are and will put their applications at the top of the pile. Champlain interns are the best because we’re super passionate about everything we get involved in. 
  3. Champlain helps you build a stellar portfolio.
    From my first year at Champlain to now (fourth year), I have worked with six very different local companies in the Burlington, VT area. I don’t mean “worked with” as in making coffee and doing errands. I completed large scale projects for and with these companies; everything from marketing plans and events to digital marketing audits, you name it. These are things that I can add to my growing list of professional experience. Even the projects I completed in my classes are projects I can add to my professional portfolio, resume, or Linkedin profile. Champlain provides their business students with what they need both inside and outside of the classroom. 
  4. Groups and clubs create networking opportunities.
    There are a bunch of clubs on campus that incorporate the passions of business majors. These groups include: Accounting Club, International Business Club, Stiller Women in Business, and more. Clubs like these are great because you can talk to students in your major that you can relate to without having to be in the classroom setting. These clubs bring your major outside of the classroom, into the real world, and provide opportunities to grow your network in the Burlington community and beyond. 
  5. You have the ability to live your passion.
    Champlain provides several opportunities and resources that take what you’re passionate about and connect it to what you are learning in your classes. One of the resources that all students can use is our BYOBiz® Program. This program allows students to take business ideas and turn them into a real, functional business. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a business student at Champlain, it’s that passion fuels motivation. When you are truly passionate, you are 100 times more motivated to work towards your goals and succeed.

Champlain College has a lot to offer, especially in the Stiller School of Business. The Business Administration program offers a unique experience that challenges you to succeed in the real world. Being a business major at Champlain can be a lot of work and it’s not always easy. However, it is also rewarding both during your college years and post-graduation. I know what I learned as a business major will stay with me and help me to succeed in my future career.

If you have yet to apply to Champlain, you still have time! Click here for more information.

Rachel Hatem, Senior Business Administration major with a minor in Event Management