Top 8 Study Spots on Campus

Whether you’re looking for a place to study during the rush of mid-terms and finals, or a quiet place to work on your capstone in the midst of an all-nighter, Champlain has you covered. To make your life a little easier, we in the Student Ambassador office have compiled a list of the top eight places to study and do work on campus.

8. Ireland Mac Lab


Film majors deserve a lot of credit, because for as much time as they spend out in the field, they spend three times as long on a computer editing footage. You will find most of these creative folk in the Mac Lab in Ireland, where they spend many a long night working to color correct their films, get in audio, make cuts, and all that jazz. While it’s not only equipped with any software you might need to complete those creative tasks, it’s also open 24/7, so for any last minute projects, this is the place to be.

7. Fireside Lounge


With plenty of tables and comfortable chairs, Fireside Lounge makes for a decent space to hangout and do work in between classes. The one drawback is that it can get a bit noisy at times, which is why the Hearth Stone student space nearby comes in clutch (see number 6).

6. Hearth Stone


Hearth Stone is the brand new student space on campus created by the Student Government Association. Located in the glass room next to Fireside Lounge, this room is fairly sound proof, and has a giant table in it that can seat plenty of students looking to get work done in a quiet environment. Students are able to reserve this space any day after 5pm, so if you’re a club or team looking for somewhere to meet this space is hard to beat!

5. Campus Store Lounge


An underutilized space, but a great one no less, the lounge by the campus store is great for a number of reasons. It has plenty of tables with power outlets which makes it ideal for team meetings where everyone needs to use a laptop. Its proximity to the campus store makes it prime real estate whenever you need to buy a quick snack or refill your cup of coffee. To top it all off, it has a pretty zany aesthetic in all its furnishing that will have anyone who took the core class, Aesthetic Expressions, questioning whether or not it’s art.

4. The CCM Game Labs


Any game major at Champlain has braved more than one all-nighter in his or her time. The game labs in the brand new Communications and Creative Media building are perfectly equipped for these nights, with state of the art computers that have all the video, art, and design software necessary to get the job done. The whiteboard walls are a great bonus for anyone who likes to plan stuff out with visuals or just take breaks every once and a while to make some cool art.

3. Eats Lounge


The lounge in the new on campus dining experience, Eats, has picked up a lot of traction lately, and is awesome when you have work to do but also have an appetite. Breakfast, coffee, lunch, coffee, dinner, and I mention coffee? Whichever meal and/or caffeinated product you need, this is the place for you. This is also probably one of the more relaxing places to study, made better by the fact that you’re likely to run into a friendly face.

2. SMART Space


Located in Coolidge Hall on Maple Street right next to the new residence halls, the SMART space houses Champlain’s academic coaching, accounting and finance labs, tech lab, writing center, and English language learner tutoring service. Between three floors full of study areas, extremely helpful staff, and brain food, this space is perfectly equipped for students in need of some study help.

1. The Library

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While there are plenty of auxiliary places to study on campus, Miller Information Commons (more commonly known as the library) is and always will be the number one place to crank out essays and team projects. With plenty of computers, free printing, and numerous team rooms that you can reserve ahead of time, the library is a one stop study spot equipped with beautiful views of campus and Lake Champlain.

As finals week comes to a close, we wish you the best of luck and hope that you have a relaxing winter break before we see you back on campus in January!

Josh Miller is a senior Management of Creative Media major with a specialization in Game Production.