Your College Application Checklist

So you’ve decided that you want to apply to Champlain College… What now? As long as you view the application process as a simple checklist, there’s no need to panic! Take it one step at a time and you’ll be done before you know it.

  1. Know your dates. Do you want to apply Early Decision or Regular Decision? Early Decision is designed for students that know Champlain College is their #1 choice, and they seek to fast-track their admissions and financial aid process prior to the regular notification date. Early Decision admission decisions at Champlain are designed to be personal and transparent so that you know of your admissions decision and financial aid package beginning on November 15 (for Early Decision I) and February 1-15 (for Early Decision II). Either way, you need to know your deadlines for when things are due. You can find them here.

  2. Get your letters of recommendation. Champlain requires two letters of recommendation, one from a guidance counselor and the other from someone who can best highlight your academic potential. Give the people who you are asking these of plenty of notice before you need to send them in; it will be appreciated and they will be able to put more thought into what they want to say.

  3. Ask your guidance counselor to send in your transcript. This one is pretty straightforward, but again, give them enough time to get a copy and send it to the school. Many schools can send transcripts virtually – your counselor will be able to tell you how yours will be submitted. Champlain receives documents via Naviance or SendEDU – you’ll receive more information about those services and the process when you’re filling out your application. Have questions? Reach out to your admissions counselor to learn more.

  4. Complete your portfolio. If you are applying to the Creative Media, Filmmaking, Game Art & Animation, Game Design, or Graphic Design & Digital Media majors, you are required to submit a portfolio. As you may have realized, the application process is all about time management. This is another thing you don’t want to save until the last minute. You can find specific requirements for each portfolio here.

  5. Write your essay. When I was an applicant, this was the step that stressed me out the most. However, it’s important not to think too hard about it. Be yourself and make sure you proofread, even get someone else to look it over, like your English teacher (this is what I did and it helped a lot!). Also, yes, this does mean that you should complete a rough draft sooner rather than later. For more great tips on writing your essay, check out this blog post from admissions counselor Jovan Ellis.

  6. Take the SAT and/or ACT and send in your scores. Hopefully, you’ve already completed the first half of this well before the application is due. All first year applicants are required to send test scores in order to complete their applications. When you’re ready to send us those scores, Champlain’s SAT code is 3291 and our ACT code is 4298. SAT and ACT score reports can be sent to Champlain from the CollegeBoard and ACT websites respectively.

  7. Complete the application. This may actually be one of the easiest parts. It involves a lot of filling in the blanks, so as long as you know your name and where you went to school you should be good to go. At Champlain, you can apply through the Common Application or the Champlain-specific Online Application. More info on both here.

  8. Complete the FAFSA. This will require some help from your parents, so make sure to share the deadlines with them. You can find those along with more info on applying for Financial Aid here. If you have questions about Financial Aid, you’re welcome to reach out to our Enrollment Service Center at (802) 860-2777.

  9. Optional: Take a tour of campus. Here at Champlain, we love to see students who are passionate about coming here. One way to show that and to see if Champlain is the right fit for you is to visit our campus in Burlington, VT and have one of our student ambassadors take you on a tour. They always say that when a college is right for you, you will just know. This is a great way to get the feel for our campus. You can schedule a visit here.

  10. Optional: Have an informational interview. Informational interviews at Champlain are not required, but they do allow you a chance to ask any questions one-on-one with a senior admissions intern and allow us a chance to get to know you better. These can take place on campus or over the phone and you can schedule one by sending an email to

Once you’ve completed all of these steps, you can relax. Congratulations, you’ve applied for college! This is an exciting time so take it in and enjoy it while you can because the next four years will fly by.

If you have any questions about the applications process, you can tweet us @ChamplainSA, leave a comment on this post, or email

Paige Schmittlein is a senior Management of Creative Media major with a specialization in Publishing.