Why You Should Attend Our Fall Open Houses


Our first Fall Open House is this coming Saturday, September 19th and the second is October 24th. Have you registered yet? If not, how come?! Here are some reasons why our fall open houses shouldn’t be missed!

  1. It’s a chance to meet with faculty in your division and your major. You’re going to college to learn, let’s not forget that, and so being able to meet with the professors that will be teaching your classes throughout your four years here is so important! When I attended one of Champlain’s open houses, I was able to sit down one on one with Tim Brookes, a professor in the Professional Writing program, to discuss my uncertainty as to what major (Professional Writing or Management of Creative Media with a specialization in Publishing) would be more well-suited for me. Not only did this meeting help me straighten out what major I would ultimately decide upon, it gave me a great feeling about the Champlain environment, because Tim took time out of his busy day to meet with me. It’s this kind of personal touch that makes Champlain special and makes our open houses worth the drive/flight/etc to Burlington.
  2. There are opportunities to attend multiple panels on various topics ranging from student life to study abroad to financial aid and more. Who’s better to talk to you about student life and study abroad than students who have been living the experience for one, two, three, four years? These panels give you the opportunity to get your questions answered by multiple perspectives whether you want to know what kinds of events go on throughout the year or how much money to save if you want to go abroad.
  3. We serve you the same lunch you may be eating as a student here. One of my most asked questions when I was a Student Ambassador was, “How’s the food- no really- how is it?” If you come to the open house, you don’t only have to take our word for it, you can try it for yourself!
  4. You can explore certain areas of campus you may not get to see on a regular tour of campus. Our Centers of Excellence including the Emergent Media Center, Maker Lab, and Leahy Center for Digital Investigation as well as the Champlain College Publishing Initiative will all have representatives available for you to talk to. These are some of the centers that make our school so unique, and they are certainly a must see for anyone thinking of applying to Champlain!
  5. Our faculty will be available for portfolio reviews. Already know you want to apply to Champlain for Graphic Design & Digital Media, Creative Media, Filmmaking, Game Design, or Game Art & Animation? Schedule a portfolio review when you’ll already be on campus for the open house and have a one on one faculty meeting to get feedback on your portfolio before you submit your final work.

Now, if you don’t want to just take my word for it, here are some comments from other current students at Champlain who found their open house experiences to be extremely beneficial:

I loved the open house because I got to know some of the professors and the head of my major.  Getting to know people like Nancy Kerr and Warren Baker really helped my decision to come to Champlain!” – Megan Sullivan ‘17

Coming to open house is what made me decide to apply early decision to Champlain! I loved that I got to get a sneak peek of what campus life would be like, as well as meeting who my professors would be for my major!” – Rachel Hatem ‘16

When I was an incoming student, attending an open house is what solidified my decision to come here. I met with some inspiring faculty and staff as well as some pretty awesome students. I got to hear their thoughts on the school and the community and it opened my eyes to all the possibilities Champlain had to offer.” – Julianna Pratt ‘16

My Open House visit not only introduced me to Champlain, but instantly sold me. The only thing I knew about the college beforehand was its name, but after spending a night in Burlington and all day on campus back in September 2013, I decided not only to apply here but to go through Early Decision and commit from the start. In other words, my Open House visit took Champlain from a school I knew nothing about to the only one I applied to.” – James Keats ‘18

Have you been convinced yet? Here’s a link to some more information, including how to register: bit.ly/1NfIEbM

Hope to see you there!


Paige Schmittlein is a Senior Admissions Intern at Champlain College studying Management of Creative Media with a specialization in Publishing.