Making the Most of Your Senior Summer

Here in the Admissions Office, we’ve heard frequently from our incoming class about their excitement for the fall. With a few months left before Orientation kicks off on August 28th, our Student Ambassadors wanted to share some of their best suggestions for how to spend the summer before freshman year.

So you’ve finished the college application process and committed to a school—congrats! High school is finally over and you have a few months before your life as an undergrad begins…so now what? Netflix marathons, eating an entire bag of Goldfish/Twizzlers/Pizza Rolls in one sitting and sleeping until 1:00 pm all sound like pretty good options if you ask us. But while you’re taking some much deserved time off, it’s also important to get a jump-start on some pretty important college prep work. So on behalf of Champlain College, here’s what we actually encourage you to do this summer.

Get a summer job

Cutting straight to the chase, are we? This may be the most daunting item on our list, but it’s also one of the most important. This is a great time to network and make some extra cash, two very important things before moving to a new place!

Connect with your high school teachers before you leave

More likely than not, you’ll be contacting them for advice and references in the near future, so it’s important to make a good last impression.

Spend time with friends and family

Sure, you’ll be seeing them for holidays and parents weekend, but this is an important summer to enjoy with loved ones. Be sure to capture some of the memories you make and bring a few pictures to decorate your dorm room!

Learn about your new ‘College Town’

Map out restaurants, shops, outdoor activities and mark your calendar with events that interest you. These are great conversation starters during orientation and will help you connect to people with similar interests. If you have time, you can also visit early and see what everything looks like during the summer months!

Join Facebook groups for your school

Getting in touch with future classmates online is a fun way to interact with people before school begins…hello someone to eat with in the dining hall! Champlain accepted students can access the 2019 class page here.

Reach out to roommate(s)

Before the semester begins, it’s always a good idea to email or Facebook your new roomie. Not only does this give you an idea of who you’ll be living with, but it also gives you the opportunity to decide who’s bringing the mini fridge and who’s got the TV.

Research dorm necessities

Speaking of who is going to bring what…we suggest checking out this Campus Checklist from Bed Bath and Beyond—super helpful! Bonus tip: bring a planner!!!

Review your new class schedule

Make sure you’re in classes that interest you, check the online syllabus, and keep an eye out for any pre-semester emails from your professors. Oh, and try to avoid 8:00 am classes if you can. Just trust us on this one.