Looking Back: My First Year at Champlain

jadeJade Ye is a first year Student Ambassador at Champlain College studying Public Relations. As her first year at Champlain comes to a close, we asked her to reflect on some of her favorite moments throughout the year.

I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into my first year at Champlain. At 6 A.M. on move-in morning, my stomach was a combination of nerves, excitement, and stale bagel. My first year (so far, there’s two weeks left here guys…don’t rush it) has been an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Orientation was a bit of a blur. It’s a lot of excited current students cheering and ice breaker games. It was actually a nice way to come into school. You never know how excited you’re allowed to be as an incoming first year in college, you want to play it cool, but it’s a hard kind of excitement to hold in. I enjoyed the fact that we got to ask the “freshman” questions before we actually started school, and we got a chance to see where our classes would be before they actually started.

My roommate and I were a match made in heaven. We were inseparable for the first few months of school. In fact, my whole house was inseparable for the first few months of school. We had movie nights, “family” dinners, and adventures downtown. We all got incredibly close incredibly fast. Our R.A.s were great at hosting events that bonded us all closer.

The great thing about Champlain is that there’s always something happening on campus. Rail Jam and Mr. Champlain were two of my favorite events. Rail Jam is put on by Champlain Ski and Ride, Burton and Red Bull were there and Sugarbush brought snow in from the mountain. I jammed to music and ate grilled cheese, and that would probably describe my perfect night. Mr. Champlain was absolutely hilarious. I had a few friends that I saw make fools of themselves on stage, it was a really fun night.

When I wasn’t watching people do goofy things in front of the whole school, I was getting involved on campus. I started with the Champlain Crossover. It’s our online magazine, and it was a really cool club to get involved in. Beyond meeting people through the club itself, I had an excuse to go and make relationships with a bunch of other groups in Burlington because of the articles I would be assigned. I actually was offered a position as News Editor for the magazine, which is a really exciting opportunity to have as a sophomore. I was also involved as a member of SET, or the Student Engagement Team. I was basically an event volunteer for the admissions department. I helped out at open houses and I shadowed tours and info sessions throughout my first semester. This club actually brought up the opportunity to be a Student Ambassador, which was a dream job for me. I spent this past semester getting to know the admissions team and my coworkers really well. It’s an amazing job and I get to work with amazing people.

Well, I guess it would be nice to talk about the whole point of college, huh? The classes here have opened my eyes to the world outside of my own bubble. CORE is one of those classes that you love to hate. They’re definitely awesome classes, and the concept is really cool. I guess it all depends on the teachers you have. I think I’ve lucked out so far. I’ve gotten to build relationships with some pretty awesome professors. I have all these warm fuzzy feelings about my major specific classes. I really love being able to work in my field. The marketing class I’m taking this semester was the best class I’ve ever taken.

I think I got pretty lucky my first year at college. I had a crazy amount of fun and I had a chance to get really involved on campus. Champlain is a great place to be away from home for the first time. I’ve had so much fun and have had so many cool experiences here. I think it’s important to know that your first year is what you make of it. Get out there, make friends, join clubs, get a job. Most importantly- Have Fun!