Why should I do a portfolio review?

Our last opportunity to do a portfolio review is just around the corner; spaces are still available for our last date, December 5th. In this blog post, Student Ambassador Dan Salerno shares his reasons why a Portfolio DanReview Day can be a great resource.

With our portfolio review fast approaching, I wanted to write about my experiences with Champlain College’s portfolio review day.  Before I finalized my decision with Champlain, I attended a portfolio review with Professor David Lustgarten, who was the head of Graphic Design & Digital Media at that time.

I was excited to meet with someone who could answer all of my major-specific questions about Champlain College and give me some helpful feedback before I submitted my portfolio review. It was a great experience, so I compiled my top 5 reasons portfolio review day is a great resource for prospective students.

  1. Art is so subjective.  Everyone has a different opinion of what they like and what they think is good. In my experiences here at the College, depending on the professor you check in with, you will get varying opinions of what to do. This is ok, you cannot please everyone with all of your work, and the purpose of the review is to gain feedback.  Any feedback is intended to make you better, so try your best not to be offended and understand they are here to help you.  This is priceless because you get to learn the climate of the school, what they are looking for, and what they are striving to teach.
  2. You get the opportunity to meet and chat with a professor specific to your major. Not only do you get great feedback, but you also get to direct your questions to a professor of the program.  This is especially important because only a professor in your prospective major will know exact specifics about the classes and studios you will be taking.  The professor you meet with will be able to look at your work and tell you exactly how you will fit in, what you will learn, and how you will grow in all of your classes.
  3. You shouldn’t be afraid to show everything you have. They will help you decide on your strongest pieces, and what you should be submitting. Nothing is going to help or hurt your chances of getting in.  Therefore, there are only positive outcomes from having a portfolio review.
  4. You don’t need to stress & you can take pride in your work. You are applying to college for art or design; you clearly have a passion for the field, and have put a lot of effort into your work.  Be confident, and don’t say things like “I wish I could change this, or that,” go in with your head held high because confidence is the best look on you anyway, even if you have to fake it.
  5. Lastly, and most importantly, you will have the opportunity to better your portfolio. You get the opportunity of having another artist look at your work with unbiased eyes. You get the chance to take their feedback to heart, and implement it in your portfolio.

After my review with David, I felt confident with my portfolio and confident that I would learn a lot with Champlain College. He really enjoyed what I had showed him and gave me some helpful tips and tricks for all of the portfolios I was submitting. I was so happy with his reactions to my work, and his brief descriptions of what I would get out of my time at Champlain College – so impressed, in fact, that I did not pass go, did not collect 200 dollars and went back to admissions to switch my Regular application to Early Decision II.


To schedule a portfolio review on December 5th, please see contact information available on this page. Please understand that requests will be on a first come, first serve basis and once the days are filled, we will happily put you on a waitlist if an applicant should cancel.