Nicole and Sarah

Welcome to the Champlain Admissions Blog!

Hello! Welcome to the Champlain College Admissions Blog. Founded in 1878, Champlain College is a small, not-for-profit, private college overlooking Lake Champlain and Burlington, Vermont. Our Admissions team at Champlain is made up of our Director, admissions counselors, operational staff, interns, and students. Throughout the year this blog will have contributions from a number of our team members! You can use this blog to find out more about our campus, our curriculum, and the different events we host on campus. It will also be a great place to find application tips, student bios, and faculty interviews.

As the first people to post on our brand new blog, we should probably introduce ourselves! We are Nicole and Sarah.

Nicole and Sarah

Yes, we’re aware that our outfit color schemes are accidentally but remarkably similar in this photo. This happens to us often.

Nicole works as a senior assistant director and Sarah works as an assistant director in the Champlain College Undergraduate Admissions Office. You can check out our bios, and the bios of our entire Admissions team, here. What our bios won’t tell you is that we also both work with different student groups on campus. Nicole supervises the Student Ambassador group that manages our different social media accounts (we like to call them the Tweety Birds. Get it??). Sarah manages our Senior Interns, a group of students who conduct interviews with prospective students throughout the fall. You can expect posts from many of our students, but in the meantime you can learn more about the Student Ambassadors here and the Senior Interns here.

We hope you check back here often for campus event updates, student spotlights, #tbt, study abroad stories, funny gifs, application deadline reminders, Lake Champlain sunsets, and the occasional picture of a cute animal. Like this… (Our mascot is a Beaver!)

Chauncey's first day of school